Living in a Post-PC World

Living in a Post-PC World

During their unveiling of the “new” iPad earlier this year, Apple had a singular message they wanted to convey to the media.  That message was repeated at every opportunity during their presentation.  The message: With the release of the new iPad, the post-PC revolution was over and we now are moving into the post-PC era.

In describing the post-PC revolution, Apple CEO Tim Cook admitted that even they were amazed and unprepared for the speed with which this has happened.  Cook said that Apple had sold 172 million post-PC devices (iPads, iPhones, and iPods) in 2011.  If we add in all the devices sold by other manufacturers, the numbers are simply astounding.

Cook then went on to describe Apple’s vision for life in the post-PC era.  He talked about the use of post-PC devices both at work and at home.  Given the easy portability of these devices, Cook believes that increasingly, employees using tablets and smartphones at home would insist upon using them in the workplace.   That brings up issues that are best addressed in a separate article.

There was something vaguely familiar about listening to Cook describe corporate life in the post-PC era.  In his vision of it, employees will use tablets to access web apps using cloud computing in one technological ecosystem.  Hmmmm.  That felt a lot like a modern version of the dumb terminals of old that connected to mainframes for processing power.  Only less clunky.  Could it be that the post-PC era is a misnomer?   Should it more accurately be called the pre-PC era, version 2?

Maybe Grandma was right.  Everything old is new again.

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