Backup Disaster Recovery – Another Business Continuity Tool

Backup Disaster Recovery – Another Business Continuity Tool

Backup Disaster Recovery – Another Business Continuity Tool 
Backups are an integral part of any Data/Disaster Recovery Plan and should be considered as a vital part of your IT infrastructure.  Time is money and when a problem occurs and server(s) go down, you need a solution that ensures your operations never skip a beat.

bdr BEMA can provide cloud-based Backup Disaster Recovery (BDR) solutions in which all your vital data and applications are backed up in a secure data center.  This includes both on-site and off-site image backups of all servers.  If a server fails, the BDR solution brings a live, real time backup copy online, allowing your organization’s work to continue.  In the event of complete network failure or disaster, servers at the off-site location may be brought online to restore services.  Email notifications of backup events and alerts will be sent to key contacts.  BEMA will run tests on and provide reports from the BDR solution on a regular basis.

If a server fails, BDR brings a live backup copy online and you continue working.


The BDR solution will include hardware by BEMA that we install, remotely access and monitor.  The solution is hosted in the cloud so updates can be done without taking any systems offline.  Testing can be done on-the-fly as well.  The automated failover features mean that the system switches to your sever on the cloud and back when disaster strikes then passes.  All of this equates to less time and money being spent on your backup solution either during regular operation or during recovery efforts.

BEMA BDR can effectively keep you in business after any natural or man-made disaster.  Talk to your BEMA Engineer about a BDR solution that would be right for you.
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