Cloud Storage is Getting Cheaper

Cloud Storage is Getting Cheaper

Cloud Storage is Getting Cheaper

Dropbox has been the predominant player in the online storage business for most consumers and some enterprises. The prices for online storage through Dropbox are $9.99/month ($99/yr) for 100GB or $75/mo ($795/yr) for a 5-user business plan with a generous 1 TB of storage initially and additional capacity is available at no additional cost. Additional users are $125/yr. Free 2GB plans are still available.

Microsoft recently created a separate SKU for their OneDrive for Business so it can be purchased separately from an Office 365 plan to get more enterprises involved in using their online storage solution. This service currently costs $2.50/user/month for 25 GB of storage (1TB now as of 4/28/14). The price for existing Office 365 or SharePoint Online customers is $1.50/user/month. Additional storage pricing has not been revealed at this time. A free, personal OneDrive account offers 7GB of storage.

Google decided to step up their game by lowering prices on their Google Drive service. Google now offers 15GB for free, 100GB for $1.99/month and a whopping 1 Terabyte for $9.99/month.

While pricing and storage amounts will likely continue to shift in the coming months as these, and other, vendors jockey for the opportunity to hold valuable data, the question still remains as to which services are the most trustworthy and reliable. There are many options available including Box, Sugar Sync and Amazon to consider. Make a wise decision. BEMA can help if you have questions.

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