Google Unveils Android Wear

Google Unveils Android Wear

Google Unveils Android Wear


It seems, just about every company wants to get into the smart watch business. This week, Google unveiled its Android Wear platform and showed what it believes to be the way a smart watch should work.

Integrating their Google Now technology into the device will provide a huge amount of flexibility in how people are able to interact with this wearable product. Contextual information about your schedule and notifications that are easily readable are displayed on the watch face clearly. Interacting with these notifications is not tediously handled via tiny buttons or on-screen keyboards, but instead by voice commands and speech recognition.

What has been shown is still concept, and nothing has been, yet, produced, but it is likely that there will soon be a new crop of Google’s Android-based smart watches. Motorola has come up with the pictured round-faced watch, and LG has shown a square shaped device with other manufacturers ready to jump into this market.

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