The Truth About Chromebooks

The Truth About Chromebooks

The Truth About Chromebooks

chromebook Chromebooks are personal computers running Chrome OS as their operating systems. These devices are designed to be used while connected to the internet similarly to netbooks, though there are a variety of apps (or extensions) that can be run offline. This is where the limitations of the Chromebook are evident:

  1. All content used must be web based,

  2. The Chrome OS is difficult to troubleshoot and repair, and,

  3. Microsoft Office applications were not available on the device until very recently and only in a limited, web-based form.

The benefits of the Chromebook are a definite plus and are as follows:

  1. Boot time is faster than similar devices,

  2. Cost and management of the device is much lower than any other similar device, and,

  3. A larger sized screen and full keyboard help this piece of hardware multi-task efficiently.

As with any device in the education space: curriculum, vision, and direction of the administration and staff are key. Is this device a tool that will help achieve those things in your school? Learn more about Chromebooks at: Let us know what you think on Twitter @bemaservicesWritten by Adrian O’Toole.

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