How Do You Get Your Work Done?

How Do You Get Your Work Done?

How Do You Get Your Job Done?

work done People are starting to use more devices on a daily basis to complete their jobs. Times appear to be changing from users working at a single desktop computer in the office to complete their jobs. Even augmenting their devices with a laptop computer does not seem to be mobile enough for some people. The need, or want, to be mobile today is changing how many devices one uses to accomplish his/her job tasks.

Sending and receiving email is a task that can be accomplished on most mobile devices today. Web browsing and word processing are very close behind email. With the recent release of Microsoft Office for iPad, word processing productivity may increase. Most of the change is not necessarily driven by companies issuing mobile devices, but by employees bringing their own devices to and from work. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is something that IT departments (and schools, as well) have been attempting to integrate as the demand rises. Employees are determining which device best supplements their standard issued work desktop or laptop.

How many devices are you using to accomplish your job tasks each week? Is this making you more productive? Even if you haven’t found that product today, many new devices and/or applications are created each year. As you keep looking, you may find that perfect device that adds to your productivity, whether that be a smartphone, tablet, or a device that does not yet exist.

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