Team BEMA at the MS150

Team BEMA at the MS150

On April 18th and 19th Team BEMA, along with our sponsors Nimble Storage and Paloma Resources, set out to ride in the 2015 BP MS 150.  Due to the crazy spring weather in south central Texas this year, the Fayette County Fairgrounds and many of the rest stops were inaccessible causing the first day of the event to be cancelled.  Team BEMA took the opportunity to scramble into action and worked with Camp Eternal to gather as a team outside of La Grange on Saturday night and ride out together from the camp on Sunday morning to join in for the most successful single-day BP MS 150 ride to date.

The BP MS 150 is the largest event raising funding and awareness for Multiple Sclerosis.  Multiple sclerosis is a chronic, unpredictable disease of the central nervous system (the brain, optic nerves, and spinal cord). It is thought to be an autoimmune disorder. This means the immune system incorrectly attacks the person’s healthy tissue.  In our second year as a team we have realized how silent this disease is as we find that many people we know are directly or indirectly affected by it.  We are passionate about continuing to serve the MS Community through this event.

For 2015 Team BEMA raised over $36,000 with only 16 riders.  That is a per rider average of over $2,250 which puts our team in the top twenty fundraising teams when looked at by rider average.  Of our 16 riders, six raised enough to achieve SuperStar status for the 2016 event with four of those achieving Top Fundraiser status and one reaching the Top 300.  We are small but mighty and are already putting together our plans for the ride in 2016.  We would love to have you join with us next year in support of this great cause.

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