BEMA IT Services

Comprehensive Technology Assessments

There is peace of mind that comes from having BEMA’s IT experts perform a comprehensive diagnostic review of your entire technology environment.

Project Work

Project work is performed by multiple engineers working together to ensure efficiency and use of industry best practices.

Managed Services

A comprehensive package of services including support by a local help desk, remote, onsite and emergency care, as well as strategic planning and vendor management.  Anti-virus protection and Anti-spam filtering are also bundled with BEMA’s Managed Services.

Hardware/Software as a Service (HaaS/SaaS)

Not many organizations realize there might be a better and less capital intensive way of keeping your computers and software up-to-date.  This may be the solution your organization has been looking for.

Communication Services

Voice Over IP (VOIP) phone solutions offer unparalleled flexibility as well providing a very cost effective phone system.

IT Plan

We will help you craft the 3 to 5-year plan that best suits the needs of your organization and works within your budget constraints.

Budget Preparation

BEMA has helped many organizations become better stewards of their resources.  A well-planned IT budget will allow you to manage your expenditures while enhancing your IT environment over time.

Relocation (new facilities, office moves, etc…)

Planning well in advance is the key to success in any move, no matter how big or small. We will help you plan connectivity changes (internet and phone), cabling, and network room needs (appropriate power, cooling, and security). When it comes to moves things can get out of hand.  We know what it takes to do this efficiently, and we can leverage as many of our staff as needed to make your move go quickly.


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