IT Assessment

Let BEMA perform a comprehensive IT assessment to thoroughly assess your current situation and develop a plan for the future. We will thoroughly evaluate your existing network & IT infrastructure to ensure we have a complete understanding of the environment and all existing services. The IT assessment systematically evaluates your technology environment including servers, desktops, network, security, and connectivity.  It also considers your processes and procedures resulting in thorough documentation of your entire technology environment.

BEMA’s IT assessment will help define your needs, goals and priorities enabling your organization to align its IT plan with its budgetary and strategic plans.  The results will be presented to your staff with initial recommendations to ensure our joint success going forward.  This will provide you and BEMA a customized technology roadmap for the future.

Technology Inventory

It is important to have an accurate inventory of the technologies in your IT environment and to know when the replacement cycles and warranties are coming due. This is an important data gathering exercise that helps to establish a clear plan for the future. A detailed technology inventory is performed during a BEMA IT assessment.

Software Licensing

If you are like most folks, you may not have a clear picture of your software licensing. It is important to be compliant, current and aware of support renewals and expirations. BEMA can run agents on your network to gather licensing information and present the reports to you and your management team to help facilitate your organizations licensing needs.

IT Security

There are many layers of protection that can be designed and implemented to protect your IT environment from internal and external threats. A comprehensive IT security plan will help protect your company’s intellectual and financial assets.

The nature of security risks are constantly changing and so it can be difficult for business owners to identify and create a flexible and defensive plan while taking care of core business functions. BEMA can help take care of your IT security needs so you can spend your time focusing on your business instead of worrying about IT security.

The trend of “Bring Your Own Device” or BYOD to work has led to new security challenges as your employees bring their own smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices into your workplace. How do you secure your network against the potential threats? What if a device is lost with valuable corporate data on it? Do you have mobile device policies in place? Let BEMA help you navigate these security concerns.