What is Network Security?

Network security is a strategic system designed to shield the usability and integrity of your network’s data from compromise.

When it comes to shielding your network systems from threats, misuse, and security intrusions, you must first have a full understanding of your business’ needs for security and where it could benefit most.

This is where a network security team like BEMA comes in. When securing sensitive networks that contain private information and important software systems, you want someone who knows what they are doing on your side.

Your network security plan should begin with configuring all of your systems and networks as much as possible. Without optimal configuration, your systems are already set up for failure.

Next is the monitoring and detection processes. Even with a base level security configuration, it is important that your systems remain under a watchful eye for optimal security control.

Taking action is the last and most important step. When it comes to security breaches in your technology systems, you want to have a highly experienced network security technician on your side. Professional network security providers can quickly assess your problem and take the proper courses of action needed to effectively secure all of your systems without any further harm being done.

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Why Network Security is Important to Your Company

Your business’ network security set up is basically the immune system that protects all of your company’s technological systems.

By now we’ve all heard of major hacking schemes, spyware, widespread cyber threats, as well as the major data and security losses that have affected even some of the world’s largest businesses.

Cybercriminals and viruses are very real, and without the proper network security, they can even become debilitating to a business’ production, safety, and dependability. Not to mention, network security breaches can cost a fortune.

There are many forms of network security and sensitive data protection depending on your company’s needs and the type of systems and information you work with and/or exchange.

Today we rely on technology more than ever, especially in the business world where we need to maximize productivity, efficiency, and accessibility. The problem with this major technological growth is that like all things, it comes with a whole new set of hurdles and responsibilities.

As a business, your client’s security must always be a priority.

If that security is breached… there goes your company’s reliability, along with possibly your entire business.

With businesses utilizing technology to the max, it’s important to remember that today’s customers have also become familiar with technology and the potential threats that come along with it. This means that whether you realize it or not, they care about your ability to protect them as well.

How We Keep Your Network Secure

At BEMA, our job is to thoroughly access all risk factors potentially harmful to your technology systems and design a plan to effectively eliminate and manage them.

As a highly experienced Houston IT support company, we understand the importance of technology to your business, which is why network security is something we take very seriously.

We believe the best approach to properly securing your network is through a series of foolproof security layers, such as-

  • Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

    Unfortunately, cyber threats are constantly on the rise and the only way to protect your company against cybersecurity disasters is by being ready for them before they happen. Every business faces different networking and security challenges. At BEMA we work vigilantly to make sure that your company is safeguarded at all times against any security risks specific to your industry.

    Our advanced security systems and remote monitoring capabilities allow you to run your business confidently and securely without a hitch. With BEMA Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) at your side, cyber threats are proactively monitored and mitigated.


    Firewalls work as a cyberthreat filtration system for your technology by monitoring incoming and outgoing network traffic. While doing this, the firewall system will assess the traffic and decide whether or not to allow or block each connection by following a clear set of security guidelines. Firewalls serve as your first line of defense in network security by creating barriers between your systems and potentially harmful/unsecured connections.


    Emails have always been a focus when it comes to network security. Surely by now, you’ve noticed all of the little landmines waiting for you in your spam mailbox. You may not know this, but one wrong click on email spams/viruses could potentially bring down an entire network. Not only that, depending on the type of business your run, you could face the disaster of having sensitive information compromised. Our email security strategies can help keep your business’s information and operational systems safe from cyberthreats.


    Most people aren’t aware that a router is a form of a computer with its own operating systems. This means that just like your laptop, routers are also susceptible to security breaches. This is why we offer another layer of security to safeguard your routers from cyber-attacks from online criminals looking for security weaknesses.


    (Malware) is a term created for malicious software.

    Malware is a type of software that is specifically designed to infiltrate and/or damage a technology system without the owner’s informed consent. With our specialized antivirus software, we have the ability to manage and secure your systems for you with ease. With BEMA, you can rest assured that you are always taken care of and protected from malware threats.


    When your website is live for all to see (as it should be) it’s virtually accessible in one way or another by anyone with a computer. Unfortunately, this means even cybercriminals. Websites and applications are just as vulnerable to security breaches as your own home or any shopping mall for that matter. Our web security systems are designed to safeguard your website from ever being hacked or infiltrated by unauthorized personnel. This ensures that your business is always safe from potential online threats.

Robust Network Security

At BEMA, we work hard to make sure that our clients are protected from every possible angle. We thoroughly assess all aspects of your organization to design layers of protection specifically tailored to your business’ needs.

With our team of experienced technicians, you are able to continue operations confidently and without interruption. Because when your network is secure, your business is secure.

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