IT Strategy

IT offerings change daily.  Should I put my data in the cloud, virtualize my servers, or utilize a co-location facility?  Do I need redundant bandwidth?  How do I make sure we can recover from a disaster and ensure business continuity?  We know these are tough questions.  Allow BEMA to utilize our expertise, build a strategy and help you answer them.

IT is a vital component or enabler in executing any organization’s strategic plans. Developing a vision for how IT can be leveraged and utilized can be a daunting task, but BEMA can help you cast a vision for the future using information technologies.

IT Plan

BEMA will present an annual IT Plan which will outline:

  • Network infrastructure
  • Hardware & software licensing renewals
  • Network deficiencies & recommendations
  • Hardware replacement recommendations
  • Other recommendations to improve network health, security & reliability

BEMA will work closely with you to determine long-range goals consistent with your organizations’ objectives and provide guidance as it relates to strategic planning and goals.  BEMA will also assist with providing supporting data for long-range budgetary forecasts and planning for network & server infrastructure needs.