Planning and designing your IT infrastructure can be challenging.  BEMA can kick start the process with a comprehensive IT assessment to thoroughly assess your current situation and develop a plan for the future.  The IT assessment systematically evaluates your technology environment including servers, desktops, network, security, and connectivity.  It also considers your processes and procedures resulting in thorough documentation of your entire technology environment.  This will help define your needs, goals and priorities enabling your organization to align its IT plan with its budgetary and strategic plans.

BEMA can help you architect your IT infrastructure. This includes:

  • Network Design
  • Security Architecture
  • Communications
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery

Network Design

  • LAN, WAN, Internet Connectivity
  • Hardware & Cabling Procurement
  • Storage Requirements & Backup Plans
  • Performance Considerations & Service Level Agreements

Security Architecture

  • Wired & Wireless Networking
  • Firewalls
  • Securing Mobile Devices
  • Limiting Physical Access to IT Assets
  • Authentication & Encryption
  • Anti-virus, SPAM Filtering; Malware removal
  • Regulatory Compliance


  • Telephony/VoIP
  • Cellular/Mobile Communications
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Unified Communications
  • Collaboration Platforms

Backup & Disaster Recovery

  • Storage Considerations – Capacity, Duration of Storage, Media, Local and/or Cloud-Based
  • Redundancy & Co-location
  • Archival & Legal Requirements