Rock RMS Managed Hosting & Support

Rock RMS is a powerful management system that fits the needs for churches of all sizes. Our goal is to help your church realize Rock’s full potential.

Giving back is core to Rock RMS and the Spark Development Network. A portion of all of our Rock RMS support is donated to the Spark Development Network to contribute to the ongoing development of Rock RMS. We encourage your church to do the same!



Data Migration

Best Practices & Consulting

Fully Managed Hosting




You’ve decided Rock is right for you (great choice!), and now it’s time to begin your rollout. If the setup and configuration of Rock seems intimidating, you want to just make sure you are moving forward with all the best-practices in place, we can help.

  • Rock RMS Install
  • Basic Configuration
  • Third Party Integrations
    • MailGun (Email)
    • Twilio (Texting)
    • Smarty Streets (Address Validation)
    • Google Maps Integration
    • Protect My Ministry (Background Checks)
    • Online Giving Processor

Data Migration

Our basic migration will help you get your person and family information into Rock. Beyond that, your church will have its own specific needs when it comes to what data to bring over into Rock, and we’ve found it best to talk through what your migration plan will look like. Contact us if you’re ready to start that conversation!

Fully Managed Hosting & Support

Properly managing both your server(s) and application are critical to the long term success of your Rock RMS installation. BEMA has 16 years of experience in managing IT infrastructure for churches and businesses. Whether you are interested in hosting in the cloud, or onsite, BEMA will bring a fully managed Rock RMS experience for your church. Features included for all of our Fully Managed Hosting & Support clients:

Fully Managed Hosting

  • Fully Managed Cloud Hosted Server
  • Remote server monitoring
  • Cloud backups
  • Windows Server Management
  • Third Party Patch Management

Rock RMS Support

  • Manage updates of Rock RMS
  • SQL Maintenance Plan for Rock Database
  • Training
  • Support
  • Custom Reporting
  • Custom Development
  • Member Portal
  • Web Template Design

Would you like to host Rock RMS on your own servers? No problem! We also provide Rock RMS support and development for churches who would like to utilize their in-house infrastructure. We can even still provide monitoring and other services, if needed!  Fill out the form below to start your customized Rock RMS support quote.