In addition to strategic partnerships that BEMA has established over the years, there are also certain vendors whom we’ve formed an affiliation with. While these affiliations won’t save you any costs at the front end (there are no discounts that we can pass on to our clients), they can potentially save you much over the long term.

That’s because our engineers are very familiar with products from these affiliates. That familiarity converts into quicker resolution of issues if/when they arise. Here are some of the more popular affiliations that BEMA has established:

affiliations - apple

Regardless of your personal opinion concerning Apple, there’s one indisputable fact. They have revolutionized daily life in America. If we don’t even consider their original claim to fame, the iconic Mac computer (or the subsequent line of laptops), just ponder the products they’ve introduced beginning with the iPod.

After turning the music world upside down, they then decided to jump into another emerging market segment, smartphones. Just as dramatically as the iPod changed the way we listen to music, the iPhone changed the entire mindset of what portable computing and cell phones could do in collaboration together.

Most recently, Apple focused their sights on a market that had barely even existed before: tablets. In less than three years, the iPad has once again completely changed the way portable computing is accomplished.

BEMA engineers have implemented countless Apple products into scores of businesses. Whether you’re a corporation considering replacing your aging inventory of Blackberries with iPhones or a school system considering replacing your curriculum with iPads and iBooks 2 textbooks, BEMA engineers are your solution.


affililations - hpHewlett Packard is also an affiliate of BEMA’s. HP has been a powerhouse vendor in BEMA‘s arsenal supplying a wide array of products that include servers, work stations, laptops, printers, switches, monitors, tablets, and storage solutions.

Similar to what Dell offers in the way of support services, HP also provides a range of programs from standard warranty services to next business day on-site repairs.