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Backing up data is perhaps the most important IT procedure for any organization. Finding the right solution to match your budget and comfort level is the key. Read More

cabling can lead to lower speeds and dropped data between devices. Newer cabling to meet the standards of upgraded equipment will result in higher speeds throughout the network. Read More

Cloud Computing:
“Computing on the cloud” or “cloud computing” is the use of applications that are hosted on the internet rather than internal servers. Read More

Redundancy :
Redundancy is the practice of having duplicate components to provide alternatives in the event of failure and is recommended for workstations, servers, internet connections as well as other network devices. Read More

The firewall is the network appliance that protects an internal network from the outside world. Read More

Google Apps:
Google Apps is a service that allows organizations the ability to package several Google products under their own domain name. Read More

Should I approve Mac purchase requests from my staff members? Read More

Microsoft Software Assurance:
Software Assurance (SA) can be considered a version of software-upgrade-insurance which enables organizations to keep up with new versions at reduced rates. Read More

Network Diagram:
Read More

Office 365:
Office 365 is a hosted service that can include email, intranet, Office-like applications, instant messaging and collaboration services built on the Office 2010 platform. Read More

Personal Computers:
Computer components change and update frequently. We help address a timeline of milestones, releases and average sizes of the most common components. Read More

Visualizing Virtualization:
Server virtualization is the process in which many virtual servers, or “guests” are run on a smaller number of physical servers, or “hosts”, using virtualization software, such as VMWare or Microsoft Hyper-V. Read More

Severs have evolved in many ways to adapt to the need of organizations. As the amount of data and need for faster processing of that data has increased, so have the specifications. Read More

Network switches are vital parts of a network since they allow all the computers and devices on the network to communicate at the same time.. Read More

Voice Over IP (VoIP):
Voice over Internet Protocol telephony is the delivery of phone calls over data networks, including the internet, rather than using dedicated phone cabling. Read More