Google Apps for Business

Google Apps for Business offers messaging and collaboration apps that meet business-critical needs. Google Apps is a service that allows organizations the ability to package several Google products under their own domain name.

google apps - business
Price: $5/month or $50/year per user
Products: Gmail, Calendar, Talk, Postini, Docs, Sites, Video and Groups

For a PDF with non-profit pricing and more information, Non-profit Google Apps

To view this information in PDF for businesses, For-profit Google Apps

phone24/7 customer support

  • Phone and email support.

Guaranteed uptime

  • 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Enhanced business-ready features

  • BlackBerry, Android and Outlook interoperability, enhanced contacts management.
lockIncreased security

  • Postini spam filtering, virus scanning, forced SSL, and more.

Integration and control

  • Full administrative and data control.

3X more Gmail storage than Google Apps

  • 25GB of storage per email inbox.



Less Expensive

  • Because services are provided on the cloud, Google Apps requires less physical and monetary overhead.

Reliable and Secure

  • Google has built an infrastructure that boasts 99.9% uptime which is secure from attacks as well as continuously backed up.
DisadvantagesLimited Features

  • While Google Apps has increasingly been improving, parts are missing some of the features of their Microsoft Office counterparts.
  • Google Docs and Spreadsheet are considered “lite” versions of Word and Excel.

Internet Reliance

  • If the internet connection fails, all Google Apps services are unavailable.