Should I approve Mac purchase requests from my staff members? This is a question that many businesses are currently facing. As Mac products gain in popularity from their creative marketing campaigns, this question has become more frequent and difficult to answer.

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Mac Myths

Macs can’t get a virus. Macs are susceptible, but currently have a significantly smaller market share than PCs; therefore, the number of viruses written to target them is less. As Macs gain in popularity the number of viruses targeted toward them will grow.
Macs do not work with PC servers. A Mac can integrate into a PC server environment with few exceptions. Users on a Mac can still access email, file shares, and most other services on a PC server.
Macs are better for graphic design. While there was a time this was true, this isn’t the caseanymore. Most industry standard graphic design software is available for both Macs and PCs.
Macs don’t have Microsoft Office. Microsoft now has Office for Mac that integrates fully with their PC counterparts. However, Office for Mac only includes Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook.



  • Apple designs and manufactures a Mac’s hardware and software leading to a greater ability to produce a stable platform.

Ability to run Windows

  • A Mac has the ability to run Windows along with its own operating system. This leads to more flexibility for technical users who may need both.


  • For many in the graphics design field, a Mac has been the industry standard for years. Users may be more productive on the Mac platform as it is what they are familiar with.


  • Macs tend to hold resale value better than their PC counterparts making them a better value in the long run.

  • In general, Mac’s cost more than PCs. They also require additional software be purchased to fully integrate with PC environments.

Central Management

  • PC only networks inherently provide centralized management of security patches and updates, similar functionality with Macs requires expensive third-party software.

Windows Integration

  • Although a Mac can work with Windows servers, some tasks can be cumbersome and time consuming. Necessary third party software adds additional costs.


  • Mac’s warranty isn’t designed around business needs. Most warranty repairs require a time consuming visit to an Apple store.