Microsoft Software Assurance

Software Assurance (SA) can be considered a version of software-upgrade-insurance which enables organizations to keep up with new versions at reduced rates.  It is included in most Volume Licenses, but is optional with Open Licenses.

Volume Licensing is the purchasing program used when buying multiple copies of Microsoft software.
Open License is the smallest option within Volume Licensing, starting with purchases as small as 5 licenses.  It is the only Volume License where Software Assurance is optional.

Benefits of SA

  • No cost for version upgrades within the 2 year term
  • The cost of renewing SA is less than buying new versions when they are released
  • Product specific benefits
    • Allows for some SA licenses to be used in home environments (typically Office products)
    • Free Online E-Learning programs
    • Free Product add-ons, such as MS Desktop Optimization Pack for Windows 7
    • 24/7 problem resolution

Benefits of Volume Licensing

  • Volume licenses are not tied to the machine like OEM licenses

* Original Equipment Manufacturers, like Dell, include Microsoft products with their machines.  They are not immediately covered by SA but can be purchased within 90 days.  This transforms OEM Licenses into transferable Volume Licenses.

  • Lower cost options are available for 501c3, education, and government organizations
  • Licensing is easily tracked on the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center website