Voice over IP Phone (VoIP) Solutions

Voice over Internet Protocol telephony is the delivery of phone calls over data networks, including the internet, rather than using dedicated phone cabling.

VoIP phone systems can provide all the features of a full-blown traditional PBX, often at a fraction of the cost.  Enhancements specific to VoIP systems are attractive such as: fax-to-email, personnel availability, CRM integration and dashboard web interfaces which can assist with call tracking and routing.



Phone Portability

  • Plug in a VoIP phone into any internet connection and the phones settings travel with it.

Shared Cabling

  • Separate phone cabling is no longer needed, saving expense for new installations.

Trunk Flexibility

  •  Land-line and VoIP trunks can be utilized side by side, helping to reduce cost with long distance charges.


  • Multiple locations can be linked together using internet circuits, providing integration and eliminating the cost of phone circuits at each location.

Network Infrastructure

  • Some upgrades, specifically newer network switches, may be needed to fully utilize VoIP phones.


  • Sound quality can suffer when there is congestion or insufficient data circuits and equipment are used.


  • VoIP circuits can become unusable in the event of a power outage, and integration with 911 and other emergency services may not always be reliable.