Church IT & Software Solutions


We consistently participate in ministry by helping churches operate efficiently through custom IT systems and services.

Our company takes pride in assisting churches with choosing the ChMS (Church Management Software) that best meets their needs and budget.

Our expert team of engineers and developers is devoted to helping spiritual organizations better integrate their management systems in ways that benefit their operations and support their growth.

Through our fine-tuned experience in efficient and effective church IT solutions, we are able to offer customizable services that allow you to manage your systems while simultaneously strengthening your congregation.

Rock RMS: The Future of Church IT

One of the systems that BEMA has expertise in is an open-source church management system called Rock RMS.

Today’s church leaders (and members) rely heavily on technology to navigate through their daily lives.

From online meetings, scheduling, and daily connecting, completely organizing our lives through technology is just where we are, so why should church congregations have to wait until Sundays to reconnect and refuel their spiritual drive?

With Rock, they don’t have too!

Rock is a powerful church-specific management software that offers churches a great way to optimize their core processes, secure their data, stay connected, and manage their systems much more efficiently and affordably.

Rock RMS is one of the many solutions we offer churches across the U.S. for a more technologically secure and efficient way of running a ministry alongside today’s modern processes.

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Church IT Solutions Designed to Fit Your Needs

Today’s churches have a hard time keeping up with their tech-savvy congregations and developing systems that effectively meet their needs and core processes.

Understanding these modern hurdles churches are faced with, BEMA has successfully developed customizable IT services designed to help keep your church secure, connected, and on track with its mission.

Our IT solutions were created to drive your church’s progress while helping maximize the successes of your organization’s structure and spiritual mission.

BEMA's Core IT Solutions Include:

Additional IT Services We Offer:

  • IT Relocation Services
  • IT Project Work
  • IT Hardware & Software as a Service

Leading the Way with BEMA by Your Side

As tightly-knit organizations with very specific needs from technology, churches want to partner with a company that understands their processes and their need to create and uphold valuable connections throughout their mission.

At BEMA, our expert team of IT professionals takes pride in finding the most affordable and most effective ways to help you reach your goals.

As a faith-driven company guided by Christian principles, we uphold a heavy conviction for quality tech solutions, reliable support, and superior customer service.

If you are ready to maximize your churches’ mission while minimizing the stress, strain, and frustration that come with tech implementation and growth, give us a call today!

Our professionals are ready to guide you through the IT process and provide you with real solutions that fit your needs and exceed your expectations.

Why Choose Us?

If you're looking for an honest and reliable IT & Software Solutions Company with integrity, give BEMA Information Technologies a call today at 713-586-6430.