What are Cloud Services?

Hosted cloud services allow you to work-from-anywhere without having to commit to expensive hardware purchases.

More and more services are moving to the cloud, and it only makes sense for many businesses to take advantage of the benefits offered by cloud solutions. They can be very cost-effective and scalable, as well as require less upfront investment in IT infrastructure.

With cloud services, you can get what you need in a short time frame and without the administrative burden of maintaining the hardware and software.

At BEMA, we practice what we preach by utilizing Microsoft Office 365 to support our own needs. Office 365 is a hosted solution that includes Exchange for e-mail, SharePoint for document storage & collaboration, and Teams for business communication. It also includes licensing for Office desktop software as well as Office Web Apps, which are online browser-based versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Cloud Computing services allow businesses to have on-demand network access to shared computing resources, which makes the cloud perfect for storing, managing, and processing data online.

What Cloud Services Can Do for Your Business

Cloud computing services can support your business' growth process by offering scalable resources and maximizing your storage space without having to add to your hard drive/hardware pile.

BEMA can host your physical servers in our data centers to ensure proper maintenance and reduce your server storage needs, or we can implement secure cloud storage solutions to meet your needs.

We can provide scalable storage space without you having to add hard drives or hardware to your own servers. We can also offer you cloud-based backup services to prevent the loss of data that is vital to your organization.

Cloud Hosted Email

If you have your own internal e-mail servers, you pay for hardware, installation costs, software licensing, and upgrades as well as Anti-virus and Anti-spam solutions. If you would rather not continue to invest in your own email servers, then hosted e-mail is a great choice.

BEMA has implemented Microsoft Office 365 for numerous clients as an alternative to having and managing on-premise e-mail servers. This has proven to be a cost-effective solution for most of BEMA's clients and the various plans offered by Microsoft are based on a modest monthly subscription fee. You simply pay a monthly fee based on how many users you have and your email simply becomes a service that you benefit from.

Cloud Hosted Applications

As an alternative to hosting software applications on your own servers, you can have your applications hosted in the cloud at a secure data center. This can provide a more reliable and more easily maintained application platform for your users.

Some examples of hosted applications that BEMA has implemented for clients are CRM solutions, accounting systems, church management systems, and internally developed business applications.

As another example, BEMA utilizes it's own Remote Monitoring and Management application on a hosted platform at a secure data center.

Why Choose Us?

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