Microsoft Teams Setup & Support

Empowering Your Business Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

In today's fast-paced corporate environment, effective communication and collaboration are paramount to achieving success.

As organizations develop new processes and grow, advanced technological needs become more apparent. Depending on the type of organization, today's team members often struggle to stay connected in a proactive way that supports not only the needs of the business but also the team as well. Between important calls, business meetings, elaborate communication, and collaboration, today's workforce require a more sophisticated way to get connected.

BEMA, your expert Managed Service Provider and Premier Microsoft Partner, understands the critical role of streamlined teamwork, which is why we are proud to offer Microsoft Teams Setup & Support Services to strengthen your organization’s collaborative productivity.

With our comprehensive solutions, we help empower your organization with the full potential of Microsoft Teams, transforming your workplace into a hub of seamless collaboration and productivity.

Microsoft Teams MeetingWhat is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a powerful hub (Within Office 365) designed to bring teams together through highly-enhanced collaboration and communication tools.

Although some still think of Microsoft Teams as a chat program, it's much more than that. Microsoft Teams gives organizations the ability to come together within one enriched and resourceful program from a remote location.

By guiding your organization into the use of Microsoft Teams, BEMA can provide you with the tools needed to connect, organize, and strengthen core processes with ease. A few main components within the program include:

    • Teams

The "Teams" aspect of the program allows your organization to create digital departments that enable productive connections between team members working on the same projects.

    • Channels

Channels are a great way to digitally host open conversations for team events, meetings, shared or private conversations, and allow participants to work together on a specific project.

    • Activity Feed

The "Activity Feed" of the program is simply a list of all accessible channels. This feed allows you to go back and forth between past activities within other channels and get caught up on anything you may have missed in other conversations.

    • Chat

"Chats" enable you to have private conversations with one or more chosen individuals within a channel.

    • Tabs

"Tabs" is a useful way to pin important notes, objectives, and other applications at the top of a channel to prioritize focus and direction for your connected team members.

    • Document Storage

Every Microsoft Teams member has a site in SharePoint Online, which contains a default document library folder. Every file shared across the conversations will be automatically saved into the library for future reference. Permission/security options are also available for managing sensitive documents.

    • Online Video Calling & Screen Sharing

With easy-to-use video calling, meeting with a client or team members is a breeze. You can also connect screen sharing with other individuals for technical support or multi-user real-time collaboration.

Key Benefits of Teams Integration

  • Reliable & Effective Communication Tools

  • Microsoft Teams is the ultimate collaboration tool. With wide a verity of applications, your organization can utilize streamlined communication interfacing to the fullest. The program will help boost your team's productivity, strengthen departmental collaboration, and help you complete tasks in a more efficient manner.

  • Microsoft Teams can be Used Anywhere, Anytime, on Any Device

  • The Teams program is a cloud-based platform, making it easily accessible from any place via desktop or mobile application. The platform is supported on Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac. All you need is an internet connection.

  • Integration with Microsoft 365

  • The Teams platform is completely integrated with Microsoft 365, which comes with Word, Skype for Business, Excel, SharePoint, PowerPoint OneNote, Planner, Yammer, Power BI, and Sway.

  • Synced Meetings

  • Microsoft's Teams platform syncs up with your calendar to pull in existing appointment information and even suggest times when team members are free. You also have the ability to make scheduled meetings open or private. Permitted members of planned meetings can also upload relevant documents in preparation for a meet.

  • Improved Teamwork

  • This program allows an organization's team members to all work on the same document, email, spreadsheet, etc. all at one time with seamless precision and collaboration when necessary.

  • Fewer Emails

  • Email communication can quickly become a tiresome battle of digging for what you need. With the Microsoft Teams program, conversations can be held in a much more structural way without making your device seem like a time-consuming dig site for business information.

Real Workforce Solutions with Microsoft Teams Setup & Support

At BEMA, we pride ourselves on delivering cutting-edge IT solutions tailored to your unique business needs. When it comes to Microsoft Teams, we stand as the forefront of expertise, offering a wide array of services designed to maximize your team's efficiency and enable fluid communication across your entire organization.

With such a wide variety of communication and collaboration capabilities available across many devices, the Teams platform offers your organization highly effective ways to get through everyday tasks and interactions with ease.

Contact us today at 713-586-6430 - Our expert IT professionals are ready to walk you through the process of organizing and optimizing your organization's core communication processes with our Microsoft Teams setup and support services.

Experience the future of collaboration with BEMA – Your Partner in IT Excellence!

Microsoft Team FAQs

1Which Office 365 plan includes Microsoft Teams?
Microsoft Teams is available for the following Office 365 plans: Business Premium, Business Essentials, Enterprise E1, E3, and E5.
2What platforms does Microsoft Teams support?
Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, and web platforms.
3Are my files and conversations in Teams secure?
Yes! Because Microsoft Teams is built on the Office 365 hyper-scale, enterprise-grade cloud, it delivers advanced security and compliance structures through encryption. To learn more, Click here!
4Why should my organization utilize Microsoft Teams?
Microsoft Teams is a great way to bring your organization together in organized ways for stronger and more efficient collaboration and overall productivity.