IT Solutions for Schools

The successful education of 21st-century students is heavily influenced by a collaboration of quality teachers and an IT-centric classroom.

BEMA can provide you with the IT centric classroom; you’ll need to provide the quality teachers.

Teachers will always be the ultimate factor in determining the success of any education process. IT in the classroom gives the teachers the extra tools with which they can enhance their success rate. And BEMA brings years of experience and many classroom successes to the table. We help schools navigate through the waters of evolving technology.

How BEMA Can Help Your School

BEMA has taken entire schools that had traditional blackboards and chalk and converted them to rooms with state-of-the-art interactive SmartBoards. But that is just the beginning of the IT-centric classroom.

BEMA has also worked with school programs to deploy iPads and other mobile devices into classrooms.

Rounding out the IT-centric learning experience is the use of other devices like laptops, tablets, and even smartphones. Whether the devices used by the students are issued by the school or are owned by the parents (BYOD – Bring Your Own Device), there are important security and content filtering considerations and policies for the school.

Why Choose Us?

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