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Microsoft Teams

As a premier Microsoft Modern Communications Partner, BEMA is your go-to resource for Microsoft Teams.

We have the experience and expertise to tailor a Teams voice deployment for any organization of any size. If you need your voice communications to have rich Microsoft integration or you live in the Office 365 ecosystem, Teams may be a great fit for your organization. With the all-encompassing approach to communications and collaboration, Microsoft Teams is fast becoming an industry disruption and BEMA has the knowledge and understanding to successfully deploy it for your team.

VoIP Phone Systems

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems are a very affordable way for your enterprise to have access to a reliable and scalable modern communications with state of the art features. VoIP phone systems are great for organizations that want to take advantage of affordable technology to save money and remove the headaches associated with maintaining a traditional phone system.

The cost of purchasing and implementing a VoIP phone system is considerably lower than a traditional phone solution. With VoIP, your organization can realize significant cost savings, especially if you have multiple offices in different states or conduct business internationally. Operating costs are reduced because you are using the Internet and your own computer network instead of the phone company’s telephone lines.

The VoIP phone services BEMA offers are very feature-rich and very cost-effective, making it is easy (and affordable) to link multiple offices, regardless of physical location, into one system using VoIP.

Another feature that is very popular is called “follow me”. With this feature, you can automatically have your desk phone calls routed to your cell phone (like when you are out of the office) without revealing your cell phone number to your callers.

Internet Service Providers

If you are like most of our clients, you have become more and more dependent on your Internet connection to conduct your day-to-day business.

Modern Communications Internet service providers

If you are using cloud-based services, then your Internet connection becomes even more critical. As a result, BEMA has implemented redundant Internet connections with automatic fail-over for many of our clients to help safeguard against downtime.

We can work with your Internet Service Provider(s) to make sure you have the right Service Level Agreements to support your business, whether your workforce works traditional business hours or they are spread across the globe and need 24-7 access.

BEMA has partnerships with the leading Internet Service Providers and can recommend and procure these services for our clients.

Remote Workforce Solutions

Maybe you are already working across multiple offices or you might be considering opening new offices in different locations.

Maybe it would be beneficial to allow employees to work from off-site locations.

Regardless of whether your company’s remote offices are housed in employees’ homes or are alternative business sites, your remote users will always need to have a secure, established way to access the primary business site where critical data is stored.

Home offices allow your employees to work productively from the convenience of home. Typically, employees that work from home offices need secure file access, e-mail, and access to productivity applications.

Since many people in the workforce are increasingly mobile and your employees are constantly on the go, take advantage of technology solutions that will give your employees access to important data when they are not in the office. There are some important considerations like their Internet connectivity, secure access to corporate resources and the ability to collaborate with co-workers and to professionally interact with customers or clients.

Let BEMA craft a remote workforce or office solution that fits your needs.

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