IT for Businesses

Successful IT for businesses requires expert skill and knowledge. BEMA exists to serve the Information Technology needs of your enterprise.

With our dedicated and professional staff, we bring a wealth of knowledge to the table when it comes to meeting your Information Technology needs from the planning, design, implementation, and support of your IT infrastructure. Enhance your business’ overall success by implementing the right technologies to meet your current and future IT needs. Technology may not be your core competency, but it is ours and we can help you.

Some of the Industries Served by BEMA

  • Oil & Gas and Energy Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Professional Service Firms
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services & Banking
  • Construction
  • Retail
  • Media & Advertising

How BEMA Can Help Your Business IT

Are you spending more and more of your time managing IT operations and less and less time on your core business?

Maybe you need someone to configure your servers, support your users or help you plan for future growth.

Maybe you have more and more mobile devices being used by your employees, vendors and business partners and you need help with wireless access, security, and 24-7 operations.

Perhaps you want to move some data and services up to The Cloud, but you aren’t sure whether it is a good fit for your business or how to go about it.

We’re here to help – whatever your information technology needs may be.

Why Choose Us?

BEMA Enterprise clients vary in size almost as much as they vary in their IT needs. That is precisely why we take the time and make the effort to work with you in designing an IT service plan specific to your environment. It makes no difference whether your Enterprise is in the start-up phase of its corporate evolution or if you are a multi-building entity on a large campus.

If you're looking for an honest and reliable IT Management Company, give BEMA Information Technologies a call today at 713-586-6430.

IT for Businesses - FAQs

1Do I need IT Services for my business?
If your business relies on technology for everyday processes and service offerings, then yes, IT services should be considered. Partnering with an experienced information technology company is a great way to improve your technology processes, operation, and efficiency.
2How do I know what type of IT Services my business needs?
We use a thorough IT Assessment process to determine what IT services would most benefit your business. Assessing, planning, and offering the best solutions for your business is how we determine what you need, and we organize a skillful plan of action to meet those needs.
3Would IT Services help minimize downtime and maximize productivity?
Yes! Utilizing an experienced IT service provider for your business is a great way to minimize technology-related interruptions and maximize your business’ core focuses and productivity.
4Can IT Services improve my business’ bottom line?
Absolutely, by decreasing downtime and optimizing your business’ information technology infrastructure for efficiency, you gain more time to focus on your business’ core processes, growth, and profit margins.
5Will IT Services benefit my customers?
If you rely on technology to do business, yes, your clients will benefit from efficiency, quick problem solving, security, and dependability. Today’s customers tend to expect perfection from the companies they do business with, although those are high expectations to meet, securing your IT infrastructure is a great start!
6How would Cloud Solutions benefit my business?
Cloud solutions can save your business money by offering instant scalability and pay as you go pricing. With Cloud Solutions, your business would also benefit from faster/smoother application running and total access flexibility.
7Do you offer Communication Services for businesses?

Yes! We understand that today’s businesses rely on fast, dependable, and customizable forms of communication to operate efficiently.

To further optimize your business’ IT, we offer these communication services:

- Microsoft Teams

- VoIP Phone Systems

- Internet Service Providers

- Remote Workforce Solutions

8Are Managed IT Services right for my business?
Managed IT services can offer you real peace of mind in that your business will always be fully backed by technological expertise, assistance, and fast problem-solving. Managed IT services are a great way to manage your business’ information technology and customize your IT needs.
9What can you offer my business in terms of Network Security?

We offer several Network Security services designed to keep your business’ information technology secure and properly functioning.

Our network security services include:

- Firewalls

- Email Security

- Malware Protection

- Web Security

- Endpoint Detection Response software